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Our Meats And Deli

Making SausageMaking Sausage

At the campground lodge our miniature deli shows off well the little bit of Deutschland that we have recreated from our Black Forest Kitchen.

All meats in our deli are made in our Black Forest Kitchen. These meats include jagdwurst, knackwurst, bratwurst, Black Forest ham, honey cured bacon, pepper sticks, German wieners, braunschweiger and hard salami, polish sausage, Westphalia ham, blutwurst, and head cheese.

We also make our own sauerkraut, our own breads and we import German mustards, breads, and desserts.

You will also find German Chocolates, and Jams, and Cakes.


MeatMeat Delicous Meat PlatterDelicous Meat Platter

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